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ProblemA1 - Computational Biology 03-310/311/510/710...

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Spring 2004 Problem A1 Robert F. Murphy Page 1 Problem A1 Simple Sequence Analysis Operations Due: January 20, 2004 There are a number of sequence analysis packages that run on a variety of platforms. This assignment uses MacVector, a powerful package that runs under MacOS. MacVector is installed on the Macintoshes in the Hunt cluster in the Biology Applications folder. You may run MacVector on your own computer if you desire (send email to Dr. Murphy to request instructions for downloading MacVector). You should familiarize yourself with the basic MacVector features by running through the MacVector tutorial before beginning this homework. Hand in written answers to the questions. Include justification for your answers (i.e., show basis of calculations, give explanations for yes/no answers, and/or include a sample printout). Handout MacVector tutorial Questions (Total of 40 points) 1. Find the sequence of the mRNA for the H. sapiens giantin protein. What is the Accession number?
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