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Computational Biology 03-310/510, Spring 2004 R. F. Murphy Page 1 of 1 Problem C2 Spreadsheet Model of a Biochemical Reaction Due: April 6, 2004 For this assignment you may use any spreadsheet program that you have access to (the assignment has been tested using Excel). However, you must save your files in a format that can be read by Excel and that preserves formulas and graphs. Total of 40 points Consider the following two reactions: A + B k 1 k - 1 C A + C k 2 k - 2 D 1. Construct a spreadsheet model of the kinetics of this system using Euler’s method for numerical integration. a) Create cells for each of the rate constants, create names to refer to them, and enter values of 0.5 for all b) Create cells for the initial values of each reactant, create names to refer to them, and enter values of A 0 =20, B 0 =8, C 0 =0, and D 0 =0 c) Create a cell for the time step and enter a value of 0.004 d) Enter formulas for A(t), B(t), C(t) and D(t) (using the named cells) so that they are calculated for each of 251 time steps (one column for each reactant) e) Create a plot of A(t), B(t), C(t) and D(t) vs. t
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