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ProblemC3-1 - Computational Biology 03-310 Spring 2004 R F...

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Computational Biology 03-310, Spring 2004 R. F. Murphy Page 1 of 1 Problem C3 Modeling compartmental systems Due: April 30, 2004 (accepted without penalty until May 11, 2004) In this assignment we will solve simple compartmental systems using MAPLE. Consider the following compartmental system ( system 1 ) in which f 21 is the rate constant for transfer to compartment 2 from 1 and f 12 is the rate constant for transfer to compartment 1 from 2. Let q 1 (t) and q 2 (t) be the amounts of material at time t in compartments 1 and 2, respectively, and let q 1 (0)=i 1 and q 2 (0)=i 2 . Questions (Total of 40 points) Submit written/printed answers (a Word file containing both text and copies of plots is acceptable in place of written/printed answers) and an Maple workbook via the dropbox. 1. What is the timescale of system 1 ? 2. Using MAPLE, enter the differential equations describing system 1 without substituting values for the constants. Solve the set of equations using the dsolve procedure. Print or submit your maple worksheet.
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