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ProblemD1-1 - Computational Biology 03-310/510/710 Spring...

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Computational Biology 03-310/510/710, Spring 2004 R. F. Murphy Page 1 of 1 Problem D1 Finding objects in images Due: April 30, 2004 (accepted without penalty until May 11) You should use NIH Image or ImageJ public domain image analysis packages, and/or Matlab, for this assignment. You will also need to download file(s) from the Homework Problems web page. Extra Credit Questions (10 points each) 1. Open file giantin2.tif. This is an image from a fluorescence microscope where light regions (high pixel values) indicate the presence of fluorescence and the background is dark (low pixel values). The image is of cells that have been stained for the Golgi protein giantin. Invert the image so that the background is white and the regions with fluorescent dye are black. Threshold the image so that only the bright major objects are visible. Now use the Analyze Particles option to identify individual objects in the image that have a minimum size of 2 pixels and a maximum size of 10,000 pixels (check the box for Label Objects). You should obtain 7 objects if your settings are correct.
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