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chapter no,1,2,3 - Chapter 1 Question#1 what are(broadly...

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Chapter 1 Question#1; what are (broadly speaking) the five stages of the research process? There are five stages of rearch process. Generating a research question: through an initial observation . From those observations need data. Generate a theory to explain your initial observation. Generate hypotheses: break your theory down into a set of testable predictions. Collect data to test the theory: decide on what variables you need to measure to Test your predictions and how best to measure or manipulate those variables. Analyze the data: look at the data visually and by fitting a statistical model to see If it supports your predictions. At this point you Should return to your theory and revise it if necessary. Question # 2; what is the fundamental difference between experimental and correlational research? In a word, causality . In experimental research we manipulate a variable (Predictor, independent variable) to see what affect it has on another variable (Outcome, dependent variable). This manipulation, if done properly, allows us to Compare situations where the causal factor is present to situations where it is Absent. Therefore, if there are differences between these situations, we can Attribute cause to the variable that we manipulated. In correlational research, we measure things that naturally occur and so we cannot attribute cause but instead look at natural covariation between variables. Question # 3 ; What is the level of measurement of the following variables? ) A The number of downloads of different band’s songs on iTunes: ANSWER- This is a discrete ratio measure. It is discrete because you can download Only whole songs and it is ratio because it has a true value of 0. No Downloads at all. B ) The names of the bands downloaded. A nswer- This is a nominal variable. Bands can be identified by their name, but the Names have no meaningful order. That fact that Norwegian black metal Band 1349 called themselves 1349 does not make them better than British Boy-band has-beens 911; the fact that 911 were a bunch of talentless idiots Does, though. C ) The position in the iTunes download chart. Answer-- This is an ordinal variable. We know that the band at number 1 sold more than the band at number 2 or 3 (and so on) but we don’t know how many more downloads they had. So, this variable tells us the order of magnitude of downloads, but doesn’t tell us how many downloads there actually were.
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D) The money earned by the bands from the downloads. Answer-
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chapter no,1,2,3 - Chapter 1 Question#1 what are(broadly...

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