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HCR 210 Week 3 Check Point Record Formats

HCR 210 Week 3 Check Point Record Formats - HCR 210 Week 3...

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HCR 210 Week 3 Check Point Record Formats Many facilities and physician offices maintain patient records in a paper format known as a manual record. A variety of formats are used to maintain manual records, including the source oriented records (SOR), problem oriented records (POR), and integrated records. In a source oriented medical record (SOR), the information about a patient's care and illness is organized according to the source of the information within the record, that is, if it is recorded by the physician, the nurse, or data collected from an x-ray or laboratory test are filed under their specific sectionalized areas in the chart usually in chronological order. Many facilities use this format since it is easy to locate documents. For example, if a physician needs to reference a recent lab report, it can easily be found in the laboratory section of the record. However, if a physician wanted to reference all information about a particular diagnosis being treated or
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