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Motivation and Team Cases Study Two Men and a Lot of Trucks: I think sheets motivation came from the success that she had early on in her business. There are a few motivation examples of this explained in the story. First, by putting a simply drawing in an ad, and receiving 12 messages the following day. Second, receiving only 1% of negative feedback from the customers motivated her. Sheets developed a training facility to train employees in all aspects of the job. Answering telephone calls, interacting with customer’s face to face, and even proper ways of handling and moving big objects down flights of stairs were some of the activities that were involved in the training. Siemens’s New Boss: Kleinfeld, I think got motivation for this business when he first started because he knew he could make the company
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Unformatted text preview: better. Another motivation factor was when Kleinfelds dad who was a hard working shipyard laborer, died when he was 10. “That was a “brutal” experience, Kleinfeld says, but the hardship that followed forged a determination to succeed.” Kleinfelds beginning approach to building high-performance teams was to push his employees harder. Examples of this were making his employees work weekends, and developing equipment quicker. I think he had a lead by example aspect. By being a team player and answering questions that were brought to his attention, helped build a stronger company....
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