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Chapter 1 Assignment Answers

Chapter 1 Assignment Answers - 1 Ranch owner who operated...

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1. Ranch owner who operated cat-breeding business brought a Federal § 1983 (invasion of privacy protection for California citizens) action against newspaper and its reporter for alleged Fourth Amendment violation arising when the reporter, at the invitation of the state Humane Society, photographed and videotaped Society’s execution of a search warrant at the ranch. The newspaper and reporter were not state actors as required for § 1983 liability. Section 1983 liability extends to a private party where the private party engaged in state action under color of law and thereby deprived a plaintiff of some right, privilege, or immunity protected by the Constitution or the laws of the United States. This case is distinguished from the Wilson case at page 5 of the text because the officers had made an arrangement with the reporter in that case whereas here the reporter was simply invited along at the last minute and the execution of the warrant was begun without the reporter even being there. This case also did not involve the
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