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Chapter 4 Assignment Answers - Government 12 No because...

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Evelyn Tavares Assignment 4 – Answers 2- The State cannot charge, because the Commerce Clause protects companies from been taxed over every state. 7- It’s unconstitutional. Because it violates the Privileges and Immunities clause. 11- Yes, because according to The Commerce Power as a Limitation on States. States are not suppose to use their tax power for the purpose of discriminating against Interstate commerce, and such commerce is within the protection of the national
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Unformatted text preview: Government. 12- No, because under the taxing power, a business cannot be taxed for all of its revenues in all 50 states. 13- No, I don`t think that the free speech rights are violated with the funding regulation, because Internet access in public libraries is not designated to public forums, where people are trying to express themselves. Internet in libraries is just another method for making information available....
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