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Business Law - Answers Chapter 5 Evelyn Tavares 5- No, because Price discrimination only occurs when the prices charged from buyers are different despite the same marginal costs, and in this case it did not happen. This case does not involve different prices but different conditions to promote a product. 6- Analyzing the information provided in this paragraph, I would say Meads is not correct, because once there is price discrimination there is also violation of the Clayton and Robinson- Patman Acts, and Meads was engaged in price discrimination. 11- Yes, because it manipulated its discount scale in order to give to the only two national food chains the best discounts, while the other customers would be paying the higher prices. I think it is disguised price discrimination. 12- This conduct is unethical and because a magazine that influences consumer opinion cannot
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Unformatted text preview: rate a product of his parents' company with objectivity, even worse is doing that without disclosing ownership. It is also a violation of the antitrust laws, because this conduct hurts the consumer interests and creates an unfair competition advantage 13- No, I understand the Quickies 90 percent market share is a result of a fair competitive advantage, and this is not against the law. 14- No, I dont think Gardner-Denver engaged in price discrimination, because the marginal costs of processing larger orders can be different of processing smaller orders. With companies like Wal Mart for example are not going to pay the same amount as small retailers because they buy in large quantities....
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