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Evelyn Tavares Business Law Chapter 6 – Assignment Answers #'s 2, 5, 10, 13 2. It could appeal to the judicial branch on the basis of procedural issues, an agency cannot pass regulations without studies, comments, and hearings. The Agency limitation of 1 million fibers per liter was arbitrary and capricious. 5. He is wrong because the rent control board is entitled to determine whether the leases are exempt from rent control, and is authorized to impose excess rent penalties without a necessity of a jury trial. 10. No, because the appropriate agency granted the request after many hearings, sounds to me that no error of law or a clear abuse of, or the arbitrary or capricious exercise of, discretion was committed. The court is not capable to determine whether the correct decision was made
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Unformatted text preview: once the court is unqualified technically to make a decision in the matter. 13. a. The purpose of the public comment period is allowing the public to submit written comments to the agency. Most agencies are required to respond to every issue raised in the comments. b. Regulations attempt to address ethical issues such as whether and how regulatory agencies should give more express consideration to the ethical and social impacts of technologies they regulate. U.S. regulatory regimes usually address issues such as costs and impacts on health, safety, and the environment, such regimes are generally structured to ignore the social and ethical issues that occur in response to emerging technologies....
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