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Chapter 7 Assignment Answers

Chapter 7 Assignment Answers - cost of production...

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Evelyn Tavares Business Law I – Chapter 7 Assignment Answers 4- I think that once the licenses were obtained in reliance on the purchaser’s (Sadler) written assurance that the goods would not be disposed of contrary to the export license. The U.S Regulations have effect, because if the real “end use” of the license was clear - in this case the resale for North Korea - the Department of Commerce would be expected to deny the licenses application. 5- The SEC could bring a motion to compel disclosure; which will probably be denied on the ground that it might be subject to criminal liability under Bahamas penal and banking laws if it disclosed the requested information. 10. Campbell’s position is not correct, because according to the Tariff Act § 140a(e)(1)(B) the
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Unformatted text preview: cost of production calculation should be an attempt to calculate the value of the merchandise in the country of production. The transportation charges incurred to ship the merchandise outside of the country of exportation were not a part of the merchandise's dutiable value. 11. U.S court does not have jurisdiction over the transactions in question, because U.S. district courts only have jurisdiction over violations of the antifraud provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 when losses occur from sales to Americans living in the United States or to Americans living abroad if the acts occurred in the United States....
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