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Business Law I Chapter 9 – Assignment Answers Evelyn Tavares 2. The case will be dismissed on the ground that it was not liable for defamation under the First Amendment because no reasonable person would have interpreted the caption as an allegation that Evel was a “pimp” in the criminal sense. 5. No, a business will not be liable for third-party criminal attacks unless there have been prior crimes on the premises or in the "immediate vicinity" of the defendant’s property. 7. Strict liability for "ultrahazardous" activities should be adopted and applied to claims based on radiation damage, Maryland can ask for a remedy to compensate the diminution of its property's market value. 8. No, because there was no proof that the failure to remove the van caused its explosion and the
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Unformatted text preview: resulting injuries. Liability cannot be based on guess or conjecture as to the cause of the injury; proximate cause can only be established when there is a reasonable certainty that defendant's acts caused the injury. 11. Carl was negligent for jumping out of a boat in movement, the Long beach Yacht Club was negligent for not providing the stairs but it is not responsible for Carl’s decision to jump. I believe this is a case of primary assumption of risk; assumption of risk that is based upon the absence of a defendant's duty of care. The plaintiff is not entitled to recover from the defendant...
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