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Chapter 12 Assignment Answers - his own mistake. 14. Yes,...

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Business Law I Chapter 12 Assignment Answers Evelyn Tavares 6, 9, 10, 14, 15 6. No, it is not a valid defense. The contract was binding without a seal. However, oral offer and acceptance is enough to give rise to a contract. 9. Yes, since he was aware of the repairs Paschall was doing in his property and did not object. He should expect that an obligation arises to pay the reasonable value of such services, although no agreement has been made about compensation. 10 . No, he was not correct; Harriet was not liable in quasi-contract, once she had no knowledge of the benefit. Landry was not a victim of unjust enrichment in the absence of a contract, but of
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Unformatted text preview: his own mistake. 14. Yes, unless doing this kind of report was described in his contract as part of his duties, then I believe the teacher is entitled to compensation for his extra work. 15. No, even if the contract was illegal under an act of Congress, Smith would still be liable for making the contract in first place. Even if the contract was not legal, it does not change the fact the he did something against the law. And should be punished for that....
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