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6. A contract to build a house is binding without a seal. Generally speaking, a seal is never necessary to make a binding contract. If there is a seal, its presence may have some effect in certain situations. For example, in many states the sealed contract is not subject to the ordinary contract statute of limitations. Thus, an unsealed contract could be barred by the statute of limitations, while a sealed contract would not. Nevertheless, if the statute of limitations had not run, the unsealed contract would have been just as binding as the sealed contract. Now and then, statutes will specify that a particular instrument be signed and sealed. Such a statute makes an exception to the above general rule. It may also be noted that even at common law, the seal was not an essential element of a contract. That is, the common law permitted an oral offer and acceptance to give rise to a contract. If there was a writing, some action was necessary to authenticate the writing. In the common law era of illiteracy, in which few persons could sign their names, the best way of
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