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3. No. A revocation is not effective until it is communicated to the offeree. In the case of a mailed revocation, this requires actual receipt by the offeree of the revoking letter. Unlike a letter of acceptance, the letter of revocations is not effective when mailed. 4. Judgment for Baker. When Nelson made changes to Baker’s offer, his action was a counteroffer to Baker, even though Nelson purported to be accepting the original offer. Baker was not willing to buy under the terms stated by Nelson. 6. No. Apart from the question of whether there had been a mistake or the question of the effect of a mistake, the newspaper ad was merely an invitation to the public to make offers. It was not an offer that could be accepted by placing an order with the company. Consequently, a purported “acceptance” by a customer did not result in a binding contract, but was merely an offer that did not become a contract until accepted by the advertiser. 8. No. C did not make an unqualified acceptance of the A’s offer. When C crossed out a term of
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