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Business Law I Chapter 15 – Assignment Answers Evelyn Tavares 1. No. Although she was probably under moral obligation to reward her neighbor, it does not constitute consideration, so it is not enforceable. 4. Past consideration is no consideration. Stan prepared Charles’ tax return and he received his payment entirely. In his case the promise for the additional $400 for doing a good job was unenforceable, and lack consideration. 7. Yes. There was a failure of consideration when the system implemented by Proudfoot did save Sanitary Linen money, as he said it would. 10. No, there were no promissory estoppels in this case. For a promissory estoppels to exist, the Bank’s employee must have done a promise that lacks consideration, but he did not promise anything, all what he did was to give Bogart an expectative, or prediction of when he would hear
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Unformatted text preview: back from the bank. 11. No. Because it is a case of past consideration (Kelsoe worked for the company before of the Director’s promise), the promise is not enforceable. 13. The adequacy of consideration is irrelevant. The children only gave the property to their father in consideration of his payment of $1 each, because there was the condition that he would leave them the property on his death. 14. Yes. The station announced that it would pay $ 25,000, and it certainly got many listeners because of this advertise. Even though the station made clear that the listens had to hear 3 consecutive songs (without commercial), the station would still be liable for paying the listener that detects the three consecutive songs....
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