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Business Law I Chapter 18 – Assignment Answers Evelyn Tavares 3. No. The right assigned called for the performance of personal services, so the  right can’t be assigned without the consent of the person that was to provide the  personal services. 5. No. Because the transaction involves a third party, there is not beneficiary  contract for the third party. 7. No. Because she only has rights as policy created, and the  policy required  notice of death be given to it promptly following the death. The fact that she was 
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Unformatted text preview: not a party in contract and had not agreed to the time limitation was irrelevant. 9. No, she was not an intended beneficiary part on the contract, but incidental beneficiary, this was any person who have been bitten by a lost dog could have the right to sue the Humane Society. 11. Yes. The past benefits could not be taken in consideration and wasnt disposing of the case. Since there was not consideration required for an assignment shell probably lose....
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