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Business Law I/ Fall 2011 Chapter 19 – Assignment Answers Evelyn Tavares 4. No. The contract should not be discharged by Samet’s death. The fact that their designer does not mean they can cancel contract. The Metalcrafters still should be able to develop the vehicle without Samet; since the contract was made between Metalcrafters and Lamar, not between Samet and Lamar. 5. Yes, since the contract specified that the sales transaction was to be completed in 90 days, after this period if the Tinchers refused to extent the period of transaction, the contract was terminated.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. No. Dickson is wrong, he cant sue because the house was not finish, and therefore, the house was not livable. 13. The bank had right to sue her for the first contract, because Ellen was liable to perform her payments which she did not. 14. The 10 days period is not reasonable. The limitation was too short; the buyer need more time to notice a breach of contract. Therefore, I dont think it was valid....
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