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Business Law I/ Fall 2011 Chapter 20 Assignment Answers Evelyn Tavares 2. Yes, she can recover the amount. Because Anthony failed to perform the contract and since it was on the contract, that he would pay Laura $ 5,000 as liquidated damages, it is her right to receive the money. The liquidated damages clause was definitely reasonable. 4. The owner could probably recover the $ 14,000, based on the money he already spent, but he couldn’t recover for the mental or emotional pain he suffer on the contract action. 7. No. The amount certainly exceeded the damages sustained. The amount specified should not
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Unformatted text preview: be excessive when compared with the probable damages that would be sustained. Although, the seller could recover the actual amount of the damages sustained. 10. The homeowner can’t recover from the rain damages inside the house; he can though, recover from the damages of the breach of contract. The duty to mitigate damages would bar the homeowner from recovering for the rain damages, since the homeowner could avoid the damages simply by hiring another professional to perform job. 12. Yes. Because it was difficult to determine the actual damages....
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