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For the Part I (Week 3) assignment, you are asked to use the introductory sentence about Brent A. and Paige R. Taylor and complete paragraph items: 1, 2, 8, and 17. Do not do additional work from any other paragraph. Save your file as Your Last Name - Part 1 (e.g., SmithPart1). Submit your assignment to the Week 3 Assignments Dropbox. Save your work as an H&R Block At Home file. Do NOT save the problem as a PDF file. Note: If you purchased TurboTax and complete your assignment as a TurboTax file, you will need to submit your assignment as a PDF file before submitting it to your instructor. 1.Brent is a civil engineer who was formerly employed by Maize Construction Corporation. In 2007, pursuant to a downsizing plan, Brent accepted an early retirement option. Under the agreement, Brent is to receive $3,000 per month for life from the corporation’s noncontributory qualified pension plan. For his waiver of any continued coverage under Maize’s other employee benefit plans, Brent was paid a cash settlement. Moreover, he was able to convert his group term life insurance to a whole life policy. The policy, issued by Hawk Life Company, has a maturity value of $100,000 and designates Paige as the beneficiary. Brent received $36,000 in 2009 from the trustee of Maize’s pension plan. 2. Since Brent is well versed on soil conditions suitable for road construction, he decided to start a consulting practice rather than obtain another job elsewhere. His specialty is designing and supervising the construction, repair, and maintenance of access roads
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tania course project - utyty

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