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Syllabus_Econ002_2 - Economics 002-2 Introductory Economics...

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Page 1 of 5 Economics 002-2 Introductory Economics: Macroeconomics Fall 2010 Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania Course information Meeting time & place: Monday and Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm, ANNENBERG 110 You need to attend also the recitation for which you are enrolled (on Fridays). Please see below for further information. Course website(s): 1) Login in Blackboard system at www.library.upenn.edu/courseware 2) Access to Aplia companion website (“how to” is explained in another document). Prerequisites: The official prerequisite for this course is Econ 001. In addition, you will need some mathematical skills so that, for example you can solve simple linear equations, work with logarithms, and graph functions. A basic knowledge of spreadsheet programs (e.g. Excel) will be useful as well. Instructor information Professor: Luca Bossi, Ph.D. Office: 547-McNeil Building. E-mail: [email protected] (best way to contact) Phone: 215-898-7779 Office hours: Mon. 11:00am-12:00noon & Wed. 10am-11am or by appointment. Course overview and objectives Macroeconomics is the study of the aggregate behavior of the economy. Students will learn how to measure economic performance and the meaning of terms such as national output, national income, national unemployment, the overall price level for the entire economy, and so forth. The main focus of this course will subsequently be the models that attempt to explain the determination of national output and income. We will examine the long-run growth of national income as well as the short-run fluctuations in national income (i.e., recessions and booms). Throughout the course we will explore how government policies can influence the performance of the economy. Textbook N. Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Macroeconomic s, South-Western Cengage Learning, 5 th edition. (You can opt to have an electronic copy of the book with your Aplia subscription, or receive a discount towards purchasing a hardcopy of the book. Whatever is best option for you, please make sure you have access to a copy of the book). Course Structure Mondays and Wednesdays we will have lectures. In addition, you will be attending a recitation session on Fridays. You should attend both lectures and recitations, as the material covered will be different in each. Assignments and tests will cover all material covered in the lectures as well as the recitations. All the recitation sessions for this course are listed below:
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Page 2 of 5 Recitation Meeting Time Location RI Email 201 F 10-11AM Psychology C41 Rubin, Jordan [email protected] 202 F 11-12Noon Williams Hall 203 Rubin, Jordan [email protected] 203 F 1-2PM Psychology C41 Law, Tzuo [email protected] 204 F 11-12Noon Williams Hall 321 Law, Tzuo [email protected] 205 F 12-1PM Williams Hall 204 Kunzru, Poorvi [email protected] 206 F 2-3PM McNeil 285 Lutkewitte, Kyle [email protected] 207 F 2-3PM McNeil 103 Saffie, Felipe [email protected] 208 F 11-12Noon Williams 319 Kunzru, Poorvi [email protected] 209 F 9-10AM McNeil 309 Saffie, Felipe [email protected] 210 F 12-1PM Cohen Hall 203 Lukewitte, Kyle [email protected]
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Syllabus_Econ002_2 - Economics 002-2 Introductory Economics...

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