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2011.paper one assignment(1)

2011.paper one assignment(1) - History 048 Paper Assignment...

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History 048: Paper Assignment 1 Fall 2011 Please select one of the following questions. The assignment is to compose a six-page paper requiring analysis and interpretation of key issues in imperial Russian history. Your response should strive for clarity, organization, and effective use of evidence drawn from the assigned readings and from primary materials in the course reader. This paper is not a research paper and you should not concern yourselves with identifying and analyzing any additional primary or secondary sources. You are to refer to the relevant readings regarding the question you select. The paper’s grade will suffer if it overlooks a key argument from the assigned readings on that topic. You should clearly state your position in the paper as your thesis. Remember: a thesis must be a proposition that can be argued. A general topic or summation of facts is not a thesis. Please note also that you should explicitly define both the concepts and criteria you will be employing in your analysis.
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