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Syllabus forSports Law - LGST 228 Sports Law Fall 2011...

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LGST 228: Sports Law Fall 2011 Professor Andrew Brandt TA: Hannah Gerstenblatt Office Hours: By Appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will introduce students to the core substantive areas of law relevant to the business of sports, as well as the practical application and impact of such laws. The course focuses primarily on professional sports leagues and restraints that players face. Naturally, my experiences and real-life stories will be a large part of the learning process, although not the main focus of the class. We will have discussion in each class about current events in the sports business and legal realm; these discussions are integral to real-world deliberations of these topics. Of course, my experiences as a player agent and working with NFL teams will provide practical background for the issues we are discussing. And my recent experience in covering the NFL labor dispute for ESPN and my web site will illustrate many issues we are discussing. Having said that, this class will work through the cases and materials assigned and will not simply be my experiences. Through classroom lectures and interactive discussions, students will gain an understanding of the creation and regulation of professional athletics, antitrust and labor law, organizational structures of leagues and associations, and labor relations. In-class problem solving will be utilized extensively to expose students to the application of the law to particular situations. I will assign students to present cases and/or arguments in negotiations in each class. Participation in class discussions/in class exercises is strongly encouraged and will be weighted in the final grades. Due to the possibility of my missing class due to other obligations and the possibility of guest speakers, the syllabus will necessarily be flexible. Weiler and Roberts, Sports and the Law (3 rd Ed.) Additional cases and materials as assigned SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS:
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Regular viewing of me on ESPN and reading of my work on The National Football Post
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Syllabus forSports Law - LGST 228 Sports Law Fall 2011...

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