SPAN 215 syllabus Fall 11(2)

SPAN 215 syllabus Fall 11(2) - University of Pennsylvania...

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University of Pennsylvania Instructor: Reyes Caballo-Márquez, Ph.D. Department of Romance Languages E-mail: Spanish 215: Spanish for the Professions Office: Williams 411 Fall 2011 Office Hours: MR 1-2 Course Description: Spanish for the Professions is a course designed to provide advanced-level language students with a wide- ranging technical vocabulary and the enhancement of solid communicative skills within the cultural and socio-political context of several Latin American countries and Spain. Focusing on topics such as politics, economy, society, health, environment, education, science and technology, the class will explore the realities and underlying challenges facing Latin America and Spain. Through essays, papers, articles, audiovisual material, research, discussions and case studies we will take an in-depth look at the dynamics of Latin American and Spanish societies. The course will focus on—but not be restricted to—México, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, and Spain. Course Objectives: to broaden students’ knowledge on the main geographical areas in Latin America (key for understanding the challenges facing developing countries) to identify similarities and differences across Latin American countries and cultures to strengthen grammatical accuracy and discourse to enhance oral communicative skills at a post-proficiency level (for example, to support and defend opinions) to learn how to make effective oral presentations in Spanish to broaden the students’ vocabulary on the fields of politics, economics, society, health, the environment, education, and certain aspects of technology Prerequisite: SPAN 202 (Advanced Conversational Spanish) or its equivalent. Course materials: All readings will either be provided by the instructor or be available on the Spanish 215 Blackboard site inside the folder “Documentos del curso.” The readings will be placed in the same logical order as they appear in the syllabus (although they do not necessarily appear in the same order in which they will be discussed in class). Given the fluid nature of politics and the economy in Latin America and Spain, the readings might be updated and topics could be reconsidered as the semester goes along if significant (political, economic, or business-related) changes take place in any of the target countries. Students can access the course materials and familiarize themselves with it through . Students are strongly encouraged to have a good bilingual dictionary and a good basic grammar book. Code of Academic Integrity: The Department of Romance Languages fully supports and adheres to all university policies and procedures regarding academic integrity (cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, etc.). The work you submit in this class is expected to be your own. If you submit work that has been copied without attribution from any published or unpublished source including the Internet, or that has been prepared by someone other
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SPAN 215 syllabus Fall 11(2) - University of Pennsylvania...

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