Lab 10 part 1

Lab 10 part 1 - How Minnesotans Clear the Streets in...

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How Minnesotans Clear the Streets in Winter: An Exercise in Freezing Point Depression Part I Data: 9/13/2011 Course Number: CHEM1022 Experimenter: Hongbai Li Lab Partner: Sarah, Birra, Patrick
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Reference: Chemistry 1022 Lab Manual, 2 nd Edition 10-1~10-6 Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to determine the freezing point depression of solutions over a range of concentrations. In addition, the other purpose is to find the different effects of various deicers in order to find the most effective one to clear the snow in the winter. Procedure: 1. Record the mass of the clean dry Styrofoam cup. Add an appropriate amount of CaCl 2 and record the mass. Add about 50 mL of the very cold DI water and record the total mass. Stir the mixture until the deicer is completely dissolved. 2. Place the Styrofoam cup into an ice water bath and put the temperature probe in the solution 3. Add ice to the solution and stir. 4. Record the minimum temperature when the figure has reached a constant minimum. 5. Weigh the cup. Decant all the liquid from the cup. Weigh the cup again. 6. Clean and dry the Styrofoam cup. 7. Repeat Trial 2 as a check on the reproducibility of the work. 8.
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Lab 10 part 1 - How Minnesotans Clear the Streets in...

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