Assignment 6-2 Audit Procedures

Assignment 6-2 Audit Procedures - Assignment 6-2 Audit...

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Assignment 6-2 Audit Procedures 5-37. Audit documentation is the auditor’s record of work performed and conclusions reached on an audit engagement. a) What are the functions of audit documentation? - To provide principal support for the representation in the auditor’s report that the audit was conducted in accordance with GAAS. - To aid in the planning, performance, and supervision of the audit. b) List and describe the various types of audit documents. - Audit Plan and Programs: contains the strategy to be followed by the auditor conducting the audit. This document outlines the auditor’s understanding of the client and the potential audit risks. Audit programs contain the audit procedures that will be conducted by the auditor. - Working Trial Balance: links the amounts in the financial statements to the audit working papers. - Account Analysis and Listings: account analysis working papers generally include the activity in a particular account for the period. Listings represent a schedule of items
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