Computer Case - method. Cooling and size play hand in hand....

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When I select a computer case the five factors I look for is case type, size, cooling, installation features and the extras. Case type - You need to make sure that the case will hold the type of motherboard you are putting in. So if you have a miniATX you need to make sure the case will support that style of board. You also want to decide if you want to have a solid frame or aluminum type case. That basically depends on how much you want to pay for durability. Size - Computer cases come in many sized and styles. So depending on where you are housing your case will play a factor on what you choose. Another thing is how many components you will be installing, example CD/DVD ROMs, hard drives and extras. Cooling - Cooling is very important when building a computer. If you don't have adequate cooling your computer can overheat and cause components to fail. So make sure depending on what you are installing you need to decide if you want to go with fans or the new water cooling
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Unformatted text preview: method. Cooling and size play hand in hand. Installation Features- You want to know what type of features your case has. Do you want it to have a removable motherboard tray, easy to remove hard drives, tool less features, etc. These features make it more convenient during upgrades. Extras- What extras do you want built in with the case. Many come with acrylic windows, fan speed controllers, LED lights, and built in ports. With these factors now you have to decide on what you want to spend. A case can range from $40 to $1000. The old saying you get what you pay for holds true when deciding on a computer case. If you only have $70 to spend you will get an aluminum case, that requires tools to install all the screws that come with it. The case will be very flimsy and can easily bend. Another thing that I have learned is the cheap cases are the noisiest. So when building a computer I would put a good chunk towards the case because the case can be reused over and over....
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Computer Case - method. Cooling and size play hand in hand....

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