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When buying a motherboard there are several factors a person should look for. One would be the type of motherboard you want. There are several forms mini-ATX, ATX, etc. You will need to know the form you need based on your case size. The next thing would be what type of processor you are going to buy or have. There are different types of sockets for the various types of CPU's. Another thing to consider is drive connectors, there are several options from IDE, EIDE, and SCSI. Then you will look at what type of memory you want and how
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Unformatted text preview: much you want to put on the motherboard. There are so many types of memory this is something that can really mess up a motherboard purchase. Then you have your slot selections. Depending on what type of video card you want to buy and expansion cards this needs to be considered. Then you want to look at the extra features like extra USB connectors, onboard video and audio. These are the things I look for when purchasing a motherboard....
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