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Partitioning - You would not partition a floppy or optical...

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When it comes to partitioning a hard drive, to me it is a users choice. Me I don't have any drives partitioned. The reason you would partition a hard drive is to be more organized, faster access to files and the ability to do many other things. If you have a system with only one hard drive it is a good idea to partition the drive to separate the operating system from your storing files. This allows for faster access to your files and a better performance. You can also try out multiple operating systems by partitioning your hard drive. If you don't like it then you can delete it and nothing on the main partition will be affected.
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Unformatted text preview: You would not partition a floppy or optical disk because it doesn't serve any performance or important purpose. Yes you can use a hard drive without partitioning it. When you install it and get ready to use it you will just plug in the entire amount of the hard drive space when you get ready to format the drive. This way you have one big partition. In my case I have 4 hard drives and I utilize each one for a specific purpose. One is for my operating system and the others are for my pictures, movies, music and so on....
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