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Hard Disk Failure - cables are firmly connected to the...

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If I had a hard drive fail to load up, the first thing I would do is listen to make sure the drive is not making out of the ordinary sounds. This would be an indicator to me that some hardware has malfunctioned or broke. Another problem could be one of the read/write heads scratched the surface of the plate and if it scratches the partition table, boot record, FAT and so one then the drive can be completely inaccessible. There are several tricks you can do to try and retrieve data on a hardware failure. One that isn't mentioned that I have had great success with is sealing the hard drive in a freezer bag connected to the proper cables, place the hard drive in the freezer overnight. Then the next day connect the drive to a laptop externally while in the freezer and because the platters are cold and will not expand as they heat gives you several minutes to transfer the important files. Now back to the assignment. If you do not hear any noises then you look for connection problems. Make sure your power and data
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Unformatted text preview: cables are firmly connected to the drive, motherboard, or controller card. If you are using a controller card check to make sure it is properly seated. Since you are inside the case take a look at the cables for any frays or breaks in the cables. Another common problem is jumper pins not placed on proper pins. Once that is done and still no change then look at your CMOS settings. Something simple might have been changed to no, yes or changed. If still nothing review the owner booklet on the drive for something you overlooked. If still nothing the next step would be to replace the cables with new ones and check for a power supply malfunction. If nothing works and the drive is new and under warranty I would contact the company and get a replacement. If past the warranty, buy a new one and if the new one works take a sledgehammer to the old one. 1 1 A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC...
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