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Anytime you want to install something inside a computer the most important thing is to disconnect the computer from any power source. Next thing is to have an antistatic bracelet, these are essential since computers components are fragile to ESD. Open the case and attach the clip of the antistatic bracelet to the chassis of the case. Locate the slot and remove the plate either by a screw or by punch out. Make sure if you need to set any jumper pins they are set before you install the card. Now install the card making sure it is seated
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Unformatted text preview: firmly in the slot then screw it in securing it in place. Replace the case cover and connect power. When the OS boots up it will detect new hardware and require you to install device drivers. This is where you place the disc in and follow the step by step instructions. Once it is complete you can use your tuner card. 1 1 A+ Guide to managing and maintaining your PC...
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