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When upgrading from Windows 9.x or 98 to Windows 2000 you come across many problems. The registries are not compatible, drivers are not always up to date, and software might not run with Windows 2000. The first thing I would do is run the compatibility software that is on the 2000 disk. This will tell you about any upgrade issues and not install the OS. Another issue is 2000 doesn't import drivers, so make sure you find all the drivers for your hardware before performing the install. The good thing is if 2000 cannot find the drivers for the hard drive it will cancel the install. If you have any important data that cannot be lost back it up. When doing an
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Unformatted text preview: upgrade from 9x,98 to 2000 is you do not need to reinstall any of your applications. So if the software is not compatible after the upgrade then you need to check the companies web-site before doing the upgrade. 1 Anytime you commit to upgrade do your research. A great place is the Microsoft web-site. The give great information and steps to do for upgrades. 2 1 A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC 2 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/250297...
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