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Greg Arnold IAFF 3186 India News Highlights (Week 3) India holds state elections in Uttarakhand, Punjab India held state elections in the western states of Uttarakhand and Punjab today. Over 20 million people were eligible to vote, and both states reported around 70% turnout. In Punjab, the Congress Party is hoping to overturn the local Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) Party, where many people believe little in the way of progress developmentally. Meanwhile, the BJP hopes to continue its hold over Uttarkhand politics. Following the violence in Manipur, police and paramilitary forces were stationed at polling places in Punjab. See more at: Local election in Manipur attacked by separatists Two days ago, suspected rebels attacked a polling station in the northeastern state of Manipur, killing at least four. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland, which wants an independent homeland from India, is believed to be responsible. Despite the attack, it’s widely expected that the Congress Party will remain in control of Manipur. See more at: India won’t cut Iranian oil imports At a conference in Chicago, Indian finance minister Pranab Mukherjee stated that India will not cut oil imports from Iran, despite US and EU sanctions against Tehran. Iran is one of India’s largest suppliers of oil, and the Indians have even proposed getting around the sanctions by trading in rupees, as opposed to dollars. See more at: news-video/AV-India/India-won-t-cut-Iranian-oil-imports/Article2-804157.aspx
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Pakistan News Highlights (Week 4) Pakistani PM in Qatar for Taliban talks PM Yusuf Raza Gilani has arrived in Doha, Qatar in order to join in peace talks held to end the 10-year war. Gilani’s visit follows several recent incidents in regards to Pakistan’s role in the conflict. Recently a NATO report that stated that the ISI, Pakistan’s security agency, is heavily involved in the Afghan insurgency, while Pakistan’s FM Hina Rabbani Khar has returned from Afghanistan stating that Pakistan will be important in ending the conflict in that country. Read more at: US Congressional Hearing about Baluchistan A Congressional hearing regarding the Baluchistan region of Pakistan this Wednesday has a number of groups in Pakistan feeling alarmed. While the Pakistani government considers the situation in the province (which is incredibly unstable) an internal affair, it has made considerable strides to keep the US out of the region. There is considerable speculation in Pakistan that the US might try to support an independent Baluchi state. Read more at:
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SouthAsiaNews6 - Greg Arnold IAFF 3186 India News...

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