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Unformatted text preview: Similar Reactions of Alkenes and Alkynes Product Reaction or Reagent HX, anhydrous (Markovnikov) Alkenes alkyl halides Alkynes Vinyl halides or 1,1-dihaloalkanes (gem-dihalide) ___________________________________________________________________________________ X2, anhydrous 1,2-dihaloalkanes 1,2-trans-dihaloalkenes or (vic-dihalide) 1,1,2,2-tetrahaloalkane ___________________________________________________________________________________ alcohols ---------------------------------Hydration: H3O+ (Markovnikov) oxymercuration (Markovnikov) alcohols terminal: methyl ketones internal: ketones (mixture) hydroboration (anti-Markovnikov) alcohols terminal: aldehydes internal: ketones (mixture) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Hydrogenation: H2, Pd/C or PtO2 alkanes alkanes H2, Lindlar Catalyst Li in liq. NH3 ----------------------------terminal: alkenes internal: cis-alkenes terminal: alkenes internal: trans-alkenes ___________________________________________________________________________________ Oxidative Cleavage: ozonolysis aldehydes or ketones carboxylic acids KMnO 4 carboxylic acids C.J. Rizzo 21 October 1994 ...
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