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Unformatted text preview: name ______________________________ Page 1 of 2 1. Identify A-F on the reaction diagram shown below. (12 pts) C G (activation energy) A _________________________ Reactants B _________________________ A Energy D Transition state C _________________________ Intermediate D _________________________ Products E _________________________ B F E G (Gibbs free energy change) F _________________________ Reaction progress 2. Calculate the degrees of unsaturation for a compound with the formula C18H13FN2O2. (3 pts) Formula: if saturated hydrocarbon: H- deficiency correction for F correction for N2 Index of H-deficiency Degrees of unsaturation: C18H13FN2O2 C18H38 H25 -1 +2 26 26/2 = 13 CnH(2n+2) 3. Identify the following as E or Z. (6 pts) O OCH3 Cl high high CH3 Z CH3 high O HO C C CH2 H3C C C N C C high C H3C O H high H H3CO O CH3 high N CH3 NH E Z CH2CH3 name ______________________________ Page 2 of 2 4. Draw a complete mechanism for the addition of HCl to 2-methylpropene. (4 pts) H2C H3C C CH3 H Cl H2C H Cl _ C H3C + CH3 CH3 H3C C Cl H3C ____________________________________________________________________________________ Problem 1 (12 pts) _____________ 2 (3 pts) _____________ 3 (6 pts) _____________ 4 (4 pts) _____________ Total (out of 25) _____________ ...
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