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Unformatted text preview: name ______________________________ Page 1 of 2 1. Provide all necessary reagents for the following reactions. (9 pts) C C CH3 H2, Lindlars catalyst H H CH3 1) BH3, THF 2) H2O2, NaOH, H2O H3CH2CH2C C C H O H a) NaNH2, NH3 b) CH3CH2Br 1-butyne 3-hexyne 2. Assign the stereochemistry of the following: (6 pts) H2N H CO2H CHO H OH CH2OH H OH CH3 S R S name ______________________________ Page 2 of 2 3. Carefully examine the Fischer projections A-H and answer the following questions (give only one answer for each question, 10 pts) A H H H CHO OH OH OH CH2OH B HO H H CHO H OH OH CH2OH C H H H CH2OH OH OH OH CHO D HO HO HO CH2OH H H H CHO E HO H HO CHO H OH H CH2OH F HO HO HO CH2OH H H H CH2OH G HO H H CH2OH H OH OH CH2OH H H H H CO2H OH H OH CH2OH Which Fischer projection (B-H) is the enantiomer of A? Which Fischer projection (B-H) is identical to A? Which Fischer projection (B-H) is a diastereomers of A? Which Fischer Projection (B-H) is a constitutional isomer of A? Which Fischer Projection (A-H) is meso? ______C______ ______D______ ____B or H____ ______H_______ ______F______ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Problem 1 (9 pts) _____________ 2 (6 pts) _____________ 3 (10 pts) _____________ Total (out of 25) ____________ ...
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