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spectra - adjacent carbons(vicinal coupling Schoolery's...

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Solving Combined Spectra Problems: Mass Spectra: Molecular Formula Nitrogen Rule # of nitrogen atoms in the molecule M+1 peak # of carbons Degrees of Unsaturation: # of rings and/or π -bonds Infrared Spectra Functional Groups C=O C=C C C 1 H NMR: Chemical Shift ( δ ) chemical environment of the H's Integration # of H's giving rise to the resonance Spin-Spin Coupling (multiplicity) # of non-equivalent H's on the
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Unformatted text preview: adjacent carbons (vicinal coupling). Schoolery's Rules: finial check on the structure assignment by 1 H NMR 13 C NMR # of resonances → symmetry of carbon framework Type of Carbonyl Each piece of evidence gives a fragment (puzzle piece) of the structure. Piece the puzzle together to give a proposed structure. The proposed structure should be consistent with all the evidence....
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