Lab1B_Manipulate_data_9-3 - GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall,...

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Unformatted text preview: GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall, 2011 Lab 1: Landuse and Hydrology, learning ArcGIS II. M ANIPULATING DATA As you experienced in the first lab session when you created a hillshade, high resolution data can be unwieldy if you are trying to perform complex operations. On the other hand, low resolution data may be insensitive to the geomorphological features you are interested in or may create interpolation artifacts. The basin in which the Des Plaines and Kankakee River lay is too large to work with the DEM in its current resolution. So, we are going to resample this data before we use the Hydrology tools ArcMap provides. As we start quantitatively describing the basin, think about which characteristics of the basin are/arent well-captured at low-resolution. As a class: 1. Start ArcMap though citrix and open your arc project from your M:drive 2. Open the attribute table for dp gages by right clicking on it in the layer list 3. Select gage #5532500 by clicking in the grey box to the left of the row 3. Close the attribute table and notice how it highlighted the gage you selected on the map On your own: 4. Select Gage # 5515500 in the Kankakee River basin These are the two gages we will be using for this case study. So lets bring in the actual data. As a class: 5. Under the Tools menu select Add XY Data. The input table is: project1\arcmap\gages\dp_5532500.csv Arc will automatically find the appropriate x,y fields (Longitude, Latitude) But you do need to select a projection by: clicking on the edit button clicking on the select button in the new dialog box GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall, 2011 selecting Geographic >> World >> WGS 1984 close out each dialog box by confirming the selection 6. Turn this new data into an Arc layer by right clicking on dp_5532500.csv Events and selecting Data >> Export Data and saving it as a shapefile. Events and selecting Data >> Export Data and saving it as a shapefile....
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Lab1B_Manipulate_data_9-3 - GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall,...

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