Lab1C_Grid_calculations_9-3 - GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall, 2011 1 Lab 1: Landu s e and Hydrology , l e arning Ar c GIS III . G RID C A L CUL A TIONS By now you have built proficiency in the basic operations of working with grids and shapefiles. Today, you will be developing a slightly more advanced skill ² generating new data from multiple sources. It is important to keep in mind the spatial resolution and projections of these different data sources before you start doing complex grid operations. The two landcover dataset provided by the USGS are at the same spatial resolution and projection, making them easier to compare. Some caution is warranted though as discussed after step 5 EHORZ¡ %XW OHW¶V QRW JHW DKHDG RI RXUVHOYHV¢ OHW¶V WDNH D ORRN DW WKH GDWD ILUVW« On your own: 1 . 1 . S t ar t Ar c Map t hough c i t rix and op e n your ar c proj ec t f rom your M:driv e ¡¢ &RQYHUW ERWK ZDWHUVKHG JULGV LQWR VKDSHILOHV«XQGHU $UF7RROER[ !! 'DWD Conv e r s ion Tool s > > From Ra st e r > > Ra st e r t o Polygon . Once you have converted your watersheds to shapefiles you now have the ability to make the fill invisible and choose a separate color for the watershed outline. 3 . Add t h e 1992 (00875048) and t h e 2001 (66309504) land c ov e r da t a t o t h e map f rom t h e Q:driv e GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall, 2011 2 4 . Turn on t h e Spa t ial Analy st t oolbar und e r Vi e w > > Toolbar s > > Spa t ial Analy st (I f no t t h e r e , a c t iva t e f ir st und e r Ex t e n s ion s ) You are about to perform mathematical operations using multiple grids. Unfortunately, the landcover classification scheme for 1992 and 2001 are not identical. Not only have the datasets been processed differently, but they have been classified differently as well. This warrants caution in doing a comparison....
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Lab1C_Grid_calculations_9-3 - GLG362/598 Geomorphology Fall...

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