Exam%202%20S09 - CHEM 1022 HOUR EXAM II Professor Ruth...

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CHEM 1022 HOUR EXAM II 7/14/09 Professor Ruth Robinson BE SURE TO USE #2 PENCILS ONLY Please indicate the correct answer for each question. Each question is worth 5 points. There is only one correct answer per question. Questions with more than one answer will receive no credit. No partial credit will be given. Good luck! Some Possibly Useful Information : - - = 1 2 1 2 1 1 ln T T R H K K van’t Hoff eqn pH = - log[H 3 O + ] pOH = - log[OH - ] pK a = - logK a K a K b = K w = 1.00 x 10 - 14 , at 25 ° C pH + pOH = 14, at 25 ° C K p = K c (RT) n R = 8.314 J mol - 1 K - 1 = 0.08206 atm  l mol - 1 K - 1 NOTE: A PERIODIC TABLE IS ATTACHED TO THE BACK OF THIS EXAM. Please do not turn the page until instructed to do so Please Remember to Correctly Record Your Name and Seven Digit Student ID Number on the Bubble Sheet Provided!
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Version A Part I: Equilibrium 1. Suppose the following reaction has reached equilibrium:  2H 2 S(g) + O 2 (g)  2S(s) + 2H 2 O(g)                 ∆Hrxn = -443 kJ/mol Which of the following perturbations to the system will increase the formation of H 2 S? i. Increase temperature ii. Increase pressure by decreasing the volume iii. Increase [O 2 ] a. i only b. ii only c. ii and iii only d. i and iii only e. none of i, ii and iii 2. Which of the following statements regarding Le Châtelier’s Principle is FALSE? a. When a pressure change shifts a system at equilibrium, the value of K c , the equilibrium constant,  remains the same. b. When a temperature change shifts a system at equilibrium, the value of K c , the equilibrium  constant, remains the same. c. When a concentration change shifts a system at equilibrium, the value of K c , the equilibrium  constant, remains the same. d.
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Exam%202%20S09 - CHEM 1022 HOUR EXAM II Professor Ruth...

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