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Independant Project Proposal

Independant Project Proposal - 1 Cover Page for Independent...

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1 Cover Page for Independent Project Proposal (Find a digital copy of this on the course web site and fill that out) Names: Aleks Katane Alex Lin Lab Section: 03, 04_____ Proposed Topic: Cockroach Mobility Affected by Temperature Materials needed: (Also submit your initial materials and lab space request on line at https://appl.cbs.umn.edu/bass-prod/htdocs/hawk/form356 ) Approximate Timeline (i.e., briefly describe what you will do when): Week 10: E xplore ways to consistently record the velocity and duration of mobility Week 11: R ecord mobility at different temperatures Week 12: C ontinue to record mobility at different temperatures Week 13: (Thanksgiving week) O rganize data and sharpen result correlations Week 14: (First draft due Wed) W r ite draft Week 15: (Paper due Wed) P eer edit draft for finalization In the pages to follow, please address the issues below: 1) Define your general problem and associated questions. What aspects of the larger issue do you want to study? How does your sub-problem relate to the larger one? (Keep in mind that you have only four weeks to complete your data collection and analyses, so the scope of the project shouldn't be much larger than what we do in a single lab period, except with larger sample sizes.), 2) Include background information on what is already known about your topic (similar to the "Introduction" of lab write-ups, but less detailed). This section should establish why this question or issue is interesting. You must cite a minimum of three references in this section, two of which must be from a primary source in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Be sure to include a literature sited section. 3) Formulate hypotheses and predictions. What kind of results do you anticipate? What kind of data do you need to collect so that you can test your hypotheses? How will you analyze your data? Think about how you will interpret your results and what might be the best method of data collection to really address your questions. 4) Describe the general protocol that you will follow for your methods. If appropriate, provide a list of materials that you will need. Avoid complicated experimental design--projects with a simple design are more apt to be successful. Describe the methods that you will use to analyze your data.
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2 1. General Problem: Does temperature affect mobility? We would like to study the magnitude of mobility at different temperatures . Sub Problem: D oes temperature in any way stimulate mobility or hinder it depending on the temperature studied? The sub problem is related to the larger problem because it addresses a
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Independant Project Proposal - 1 Cover Page for Independent...

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