August 25 Lecture Outline - Cultural distinctions as class...

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August 24, 2011 AAS 120 Introduction to Asian American Popular Culture Lecture Outline Keyword: Popular Williams suggests: Keyword : Culture Modern Usage: Early Uses of culture Literal: Metaphorical: Synonym: 18 th Century: Hierarchical function of distinction/difference Cultures defined by their difference from one another
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Relations of power CULTURE can be : Culture as process Culture vs. cultural Reification Keyword : Popular Culture Multiple definitions: Problem: Some contesting definitions include: ONE : popular culture is popular with many people
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TWO: Popular culture as everything that is not high culture, as "low" or "inferior" culture, which is a particular sort of value judgment based on a possible range of criteria.
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Unformatted text preview: Cultural distinctions as class distinctions Taste THREE: Popular culture is mass culture, or commercial (and corporate) culture, which is often seen as inauthentic culture. High culture is an individual act of creation. FOUR: Culture produced "by and for the people," rather than imposed from above. FIVE: Popular culture is as a site of struggle between the resistance of subordinate groups and the forces of incorporation operating in the interests of dominant groups. SUMMARY :...
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August 25 Lecture Outline - Cultural distinctions as class...

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