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September 29 Lecture Outline - READING Kwon • Dominant...

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September 29, 2011 AAS 120 Introduction to Asian American Popular Culture Lecture Outline Topic: Youth Culture and Style Defination of youth: 16-24 “Cool” as a style, object community Youth Culture, Style, and Pan-Ethnicity 1. Designate how multiple national, ethnic &cultural groups can be designated or choose to identify with a single term. 2. Asian American brings together a number of different ethnic & cultural group: who does it exclude
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Unformatted text preview: READING: Kwon • Dominant visibility of Asian Americans and import scene of car subculture in Bay area • Second-generation ideas of style and coolness • Identity formation: self- making &being made. • Remaking essentialist and Orientalist symbols: autoexoticism • Car as a commodity, • Subculture as a space • Oppositional identities Tokyo Drift: The Fast and the Furious...
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