2011-12 n-231 chapter 2 summary

2011-12 n-231 chapter 2 summary - I also learned that...

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Dennis Uzar HPER N 231 Chapter 2 Weekly Paper Chapter two talks about the importance of nutrient density and how many Americans are not eating a varied enough diet, even when they seem to be eating healthy. I learned that just because you eat a salad every day or even with every meal, that does not necessarily mean you are getting adequate nutrients because all different vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals that other do not. What surprised me most was the difference in grain products. I have never known that whole grain is different from multi grain and that is different from whole wheat.
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Unformatted text preview: I also learned that checking the fiber contents on whole grain or whole wheat bread can dictate if a bread is actually whole grain the more fiber, the more likely the bred is a whole grain product. Chapter two also discusses the usage of the nutrition facts label on foods and provides some terminology that can help us understand what some of the phrases actually mean on packaging. I also learned that vegetarians must pay special attention to their iron intake and their RDA is usually higher than those of meat eaters because it is harder for the body to absorb iron from non-meat products....
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