2011-12 n-231 chapter 3 summary

2011-12 n-231 chapter 3 summary - absorption takes place...

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Dennis Uzar N231 February 19, 2012 Chapter 3 Summary Chapter three emphasizes the functions of the digestive system and pathway as well in excruciating detail. I never knew how involved and interdependent each bodily function is to each other, I also learned some organs involved in digestion that I had never even heard of before. What amazes me if how the Epiglottis can open and close so efficiently in order to prevent us from choking on our food. I also learned a great deal about the intestines, particularly the small intestine and how the microvilli increase surface area of our intestines and how nutrient
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Unformatted text preview: absorption takes place through simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion and active transport. Chapter three lastly describes the GI tract and the trillions of bacteria that live there, which in fact are needed to keep us healthy and regulated. This chapter was very interesting, however is also seems very detailed and very involved. The exact chain of events that occur during digestion and learning the functions of each organ seemed confusing to me and I feel it will be difficult to memorize....
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