2011-12 e-105 ethnography

2011-12 e-105 ethnography - Name: Dennis Uzar Section: Anth...

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Name: Dennis Uzar Section: Anth E105 14918 Instructor: Prof . Suslak Date: February 27 , 2012 Qudoba Ethnographic Observation Qudoba is a fast food restaurant that serves traditional Mexican cuisine (rice , beans, cheese , tortillas etc…) and was the location of choice for a multitude of reasons. For one, it is known as a hotspot among college students and the atmosphere is completely different depending on the time and day that you visit this location . Qudoba was also a very easy area to observe and be immersed into almost everything that happened , but at the same it was easy to remain inconspicuous thus being able to observe without interfering with people’s behavior . The main reason I decided to visit this establishment is because my friend had told me an account of a night he visited and witnessed some completely outrageous behavior which sparked my curiosity and interest . To begin my research, I walked to Qudoba on two different occasions , once on a Saturday night at 12am and the second on a Tuesday night at 12am . When I entered , I didn’t want to sit down , stare at people and take notes because I felt people would notice and change their behavior patterns . So , I entered with my backpack on, ordered a breakfast burrito (their most popular dish) and sat down in the far right corner away from the door and register . I set my food aside and placed my biology textbook and a notebook on the table to make it seem like I was studying , but in reality I began to jot down notes and observations of my surrounding area. I was pleased with my setup because I was not drawing any attention to myself and I could comfortably take notes without worrying if I would disturb the social setting . During my two
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observations I mainly focused on people’s interactions and behaviors with each other and their surroundings . I didn’t want to interact with any groups of people because I didn’t think I could have been as subjective if I tried describing interactions with others and my notes would subconsciously become heavily opinionated. Some challenges that I faced during my observations were that it was rather difficult to overhear specific groups’ conversations because of surrounding groups talking and making a commotion as well. So a few instances I was only
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2011-12 e-105 ethnography - Name: Dennis Uzar Section: Anth...

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