2011-12 L-113 IP pre-proposal

2011-12 L-113 IP pre-proposal - Due to the pheromone trails...

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Name: Dennis Uzar Lab Section: L113, Monday, 5:45 PM Section 14987 AI: Karen Bohorquez Date: February 19, 2012 Independent Project Pre Proposal Termites Termites lay and follow pheromone trails which have a half-life of about two hours. These trails are not polarized and there is correlation between the strength of these trails and the number of termites that lay these trials. The termite workers reinforce their pheromone trails whenever they follow them and there is a linear relationship between response and strength of the signal. Worker termites are not the only ones that can lay or follow these trails; soldier termites also can but worker trails are about six to seven times stronger however, there is no preference between the two pheromone trails. It is evident that worker termites are able to follow linear pheromone trails but do trails with breaks or sharp angles make any difference?
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Unformatted text preview: Due to the pheromone trails being volatile I hypothesize that the termites will not be able to follow the pheromone trails because they evaporate into a vapor rather quickly. In order to test this hypothesis, different petri dishes will contain: a control with an unbroken linear pheromone trail, a dashed pheromone trail and a trail with sharp angles to which a worker termite will be released and observed to see if they follow the specified path. Being able to understand if termites can follow breaks in pheromone trails or sharp angles can aid in prevention of termite problems. If termites are able to follow breaks/sharp angles an artificial pheromone trail can be made and lead the termites away from the infested area or if they cannot follow these trails, devise a solution that speeds up the half-life of the pheromone trail to diminish it....
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