2011-12 L-113 Red Dye

2011-12 L-113 Red Dye - Absorbance (504nm) after final...

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Name: Dennis Uzar Lab Partner: Nick Luz, Ayesha Syed Lab Section: L113, Monday, 5:45 PM Section 14987 AI: Karen Bohorquez Date: January 17, 2012 Determining Concentration by Generating a Standard Curve for F D and C Red Dye #40 Summary In this laboratory experiment the amount of F D and C Red Dye #40 was determined from a variety of soft drinks. To find this amount, known concentrations of F D and C Red Dye #40 are needed. Then it is possible to measure the amount of light absorbed by the solutions using a spectrophotometer which works by passing light through a solution and determining how much of that light was absorbed by the solution. With these absorbances a plot was created and a standard curve was generated using Microsoft Excel. Once a standard curve was created then the concentration could be calculated in each of them by plugging in the absorbency for the y-value and then solving for x. The values and the standard curve graph are shown below. Drink or Unknown
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Unformatted text preview: Absorbance (504nm) after final dilution Calculated Concentration of Red#40 Dilution Factor Crush Grape .450 8.54 g/ml None Big Red .067 1.63 g/ml 1:1 G2- Fruit Punch .069 1.71 g/ml 1:1 Hawaiian Punch .073 1.88 g/ml 1:1 Unknown .277 5.05 g/ml None Methods To begin the experiment seven test tube samples of known concentrations of Red #40 were created and labeled zero six with zero being the blank. Tube # F D & C Red #40 Stock Sol. Water (ml) Final Volume (V f ) Absorb ance at 504nm Trial 1 Trial 2 Averag e F D & C Red Dye #40 Final Conc. Dilution Of Red Dye Factor (C i V i / V f ) (V i / V f ) 1 .1 ml 2.90 ml 3.0 ml .037 .044 .0405 .667 g/ml .033 ml 2 .25 ml 2.75 ml 3.0 ml .098 .100 .099 1.667 g/ml .083 ml 3 .5 ml 2.50 ml 3.0 ml .224 .183 .2035 3.33 g/ml .166 ml 4 1.0 ml 2.00 ml 3.0 ml .443 .335 .389 6.667 g/ml .33 ml 5 2.0 ml 1.00 ml 3.0 ml .688 .666 .677 13.3 g/ml .667 ml 6 3.0 ml 0 ml 3.0 ml .986 1.042 1.014 20 g/ml 1 ml...
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2011-12 L-113 Red Dye - Absorbance (504nm) after final...

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