retrosynthetic_summ - impossible/inefficient disconnections...

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Retrosynthetic Technique—Summary 1. disconnections should correspond to reliable reactions 2. assign imaginary charges sensibly, i.e. decide which role (Nu or E + ) each fragment ought to have 3. learn the locations of commonly disconnected bonds, the “Achille’s heels”: - next to the benzene ring - benzylic C–H bonds (less often) - next to heteroatoms 4. use FGI or FGA to facilitate otherwise
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Unformatted text preview: impossible/inefficient disconnections 1 Retrosynthetic TechniqueSummary 5. Recognizing long-range relationships of 2 functional groups it is impossible to list each and every long-range relationship here. But the three examples listed here should serve as good starting points for thinking about them. Its up to you to discover and learn new ones when doing practice problems. 2...
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retrosynthetic_summ - impossible/inefficient disconnections...

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